Squad Promotions

InCAS have scheduled promotions, normally four times a year – January, April, July and October. If a swimmer is issued with a letter of intent, they will feed into the next squad for a month. This means they train with the higher squad for one session a week to give them a gradual introduction to the new level of training. At the end of this period the coach, the swimmer and, if appropriate, their parent(s) will discuss if the promotion should go ahead. The monthly fees will only increase if the promotion goes ahead. In special circumstances and with the approval of the head coach, swimmers may be promoted out with this schedule.

As well as the basic requirements detailed for each squad, promotions will also be based upon competition performance, attendance, training ability, lane discipline, behavior, attitude and commitment. To secure a place in these squads, the entry criterion must be obtained each year. Any individual failing to meet the required standard will be moved into a squad more suited to their achievements.