Fund Raising

Please contact any member of the committee if you would like to join the fund raising sub-committee.

Bonus Ball Scheme.

The InCAS Bonus Ball Scheme is now run by Ruth Downie. Are you a winner this week?

Each ball costs £1.00 per week. Payment will be collected in £5 increments, preferably in cash and is payable in advance. You will be notified by email when your payment falls due again.Failure to pay will automatically exclude your number from the draw. The winning number will be determined by  the Bonus Ball drawn from the main National Lottery Saturday evening draw. Any unallocated balls or balls with payment arrears, will be held by InCAS with any winnings going direct to inCAS Club Funds to further support our swimmers needs and future social events for all members to enjoy.

If you wish to purchase a ball and have the chance of winning £25, please Contact Us

This is a very important fund raiser for the Club. Please give it your full support.